Fundraising Charity for French youth diabetics organisation AJD

Fundraising Charity for French youth diabetics organisation AJD

The charity event was a major success, and we want to thank you for this ! We hope you enjoyed the night and had fun. We can right now estimate around 3500€ profit raised for the cause* ! Amazing ! 

For the 2nd Annual Fundraising event #StrongerTogether launched by Paul Huynh in 2018, the Adaptō project around diabetics clothing was elected by the Reps committee. Adaptō company proposed to support this year diabetics cause by 100% profit donation to the AJD association, main French actor for youth diabetics support.


The funds raised will be a great way to support the AJD who has been working for more than 60 years helping kids getting more autonomous, i.e. safer in their diabetics day to day.

The Association co-president, Carole Choleau who was present during the party, said how much these funds will be valuable for kids support. Summer camps, medical training, family support are among the example of actions they put in place. #Strongertogether.


As organisers, we wanted to thanks our greatest and so international team who made this so smooth and funny.

And a special thanks to the Alumni Dean and Program Managers who helped us to broadcast this event for a good cause !


INSEAD Alumni Paul Huynh & Adapto team : Jessica Fracassi, Nathalie Donne, Alexandre Arnon and Benoit Blanchard.

AJD diabete association   

AJD enfants diabetiques adapto vetements diabete Soiree AJD jeunes diabétiques ADAPTO vetements

Soiree AJD jeunes diabetiques


We will definitely keep you posted when money is formally transferred to AJD and how it is used! Transparency is key : bookkeeping was done and validated by all, feel free to ask for all data.


* We are finalising with all organisers the bookkeeping and auctions are still open so we will know the accurate funds amount in a couple of days. As of now, we estimate the total amount collected was 7700€ - costs of 4200€ (beers, wine, foodtruck, loudspeakers, Tshirts production, ...)

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